Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Hi there….busy week.  I had to select another winner for the gorgeous Huff Harrington handbag giveaway and hope this winner will be stepping up to the plate as there are many (me included) who would just looooove to claim this bag as my own:) Congrats goes to-

   There are so many things to love from their website. Some of the dishes, the purses, the art. It is all wonderful. I really like the French porcelain dough bowl, though. What fun to look at all their treasures.

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to claim your prize and arrange for shipping

I am working hard to meet a deadline for the showhouse and literally have not moved a single item over there….yet. It will all happen in the 9th hour and rest assured it will be done. There were a few snafus such as some things I ordered all being out of stock and not finding out until 2 days ago…back to the drawing board, argh!

As I periodically do,  I share my life’s snippets as seen through my trusty little iPhone, it’s funny how pictures can tell a story. My story this week was a busy one, and one spent more in NYC than I have in a long long time, but then again NYC to me comes alive in spring. So here is my week as seen through my iPhone…..



Had a ball in NYC with my sister and niece and friend (sometimes its fun to see the city again through the eyes of someone who does not live here)….

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A few nights later had dinner at Jean George’s restaurant at The Mark…..


Always a sucker for a massive spray of fresh blossoms!


The raw space of the showhouse covered patio on a raw day:) It looks rather drab, but I plan to bring it to life in a few days!

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Never can have enough tulips……


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So in love with this picture that a customer sent me of monogrammed napkins she bought from me, that I carried the picture on my phone so I could find a charger in the same green…magnificent!


Sadly have made almost no progress on my “home office” project but did get this wonderful cabinet for all my samples and still have paper samples hanging around, all of which I love but the tricky ceiling makes this space challenging…

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Changed up this upstairs hallway vignette to reflect the lighter, airier months of warm weather ahead…


Started making my favorite salad, a chopped Greek salad, yum yum…

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Went to my favorite nursery and went on a bit of a shopping spree….


Wrapped up this pretty gift for a friend, don’t you love the little blue and white porcelain teapot adornment?


Putting the final coat of paint (a color I just love) in the “lower level” aka basement/party room….progress, progress!


Went to a friends apt in the beautiful iconic Ansonia in NYC and even though I have been there a few times (and featured it in a past post) I never cease to marvel at the magnificent lobby/public spaces


Went to these great restaurants in the last week, Blue Ribbon sushi (to me the best sushi I have ever had) in NYC and Jean Georges in Pound Ridge (how about that, TWO Jean Georges restaurants within days of each other), both places I would go back to!

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So there is a glimpse into my busy (but fun week). Busy almost bordering on hectic but I have come to realize that I thrive on having lots going on with more than a few balls in the air. I am supposed to be heading to Georgetown tomorrow for a friends birthday but it will be a very short visit as I need to get back, roll my sleeves up and make some major progress on getting this showhouse space together! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, until next time…..

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