Which would you choose?

Hi and happy Sunday to you. We were out of town for my sons lacrosse game, so I didn’t have time to finish my Seven on Sunday this weekend, but I will probably post it later this week.  In the meantime am putting up this fun post which was in my draft box and one  I think you will really enjoy.

So this post is a bit of a virtual little trip to the beach (which I could really use) and imagine this, you are granted your ultimate beach house! Wouldn’t that be neat? I discovered this incredibly talented firm, Blackband Design through Home Bunch and decided to do some research. I was so impressed by their beautiful body of work that I could literally close my eyes and point to any one of these and be over the moon!

So it’s your turn which of these incredible beach houses would you choose? A hard decision….but what a good one to have!


27-Via-Monarca-029-copy 27-Via-Monarca-024-copy 27-Via-Monarca-032-copy 27-Via-Monarca-037-copy 27-Via-Monarca-039-copy





2601-Bungalow-012 2601-Bungalow-0162601-Bungalow-013-B  2601-Bungalow-001



2128Seville0854da84076d3dd-1024x794 2128Seville0454da838e653d5-1024x756 2128Seville0354da833b7451a-1024x683 2128Seville3054da855685ff8-1024x683 2128Seville02-1024x683 2128Seville01-1024x683


24-copyjpg_16165258851_l54da6aefeaf6b-1024x703 02-copyjpg_15981083639_l54da6a597ef3d-1024x752 09-copyjpg_15547381953_l54da6a81a62da-1024x691 30-copyjpg_15547395503_l54da6ae0f3455-1024x684 23-copyjpg_16167152345_l54da6ad50d1ef-1024x683 01-copyjpg_16165243681_l54da6a6736a70-1024x691 08-copyjpg_15547381253_l54da6a4bbbb7b-1024x680 20-copyjpg_15981094699_l54da6a9b6f6db-1024x680


IMG_007254da7ea8d7f23-1024x683 IMG_999054da822063e3a-1024x683 IMG_9084w54da804ab5353-1024x683 IMG_9171w54da80744b740-1024x683 IMG_9927w54da819a9fde7-1024x683 IMG_9915rtw54da8143434db-1024x683


1106-Dover-2-00754dd00b3d23e6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00954dd0133f23a6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-01554dd01895b57f-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00254dd0061ba137-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00554dd0089cbbc9-1024x683


IMG_833154da7dd57aabd-1024x683 IMG_800454da7a84ca495-1024x683 IMG_830654da7d8188491-1024x683 IMG_827254da7c7f5f73d-1024x683 IMG_831754da7d5989a40-1024x683 IMG_829754da7cabd7d12-1024x683


Can’t you almost taste that salty air and hear the waves crashing? Me too….next best thing to being there! I love the work that they do and was hard pressed to name a single favorite but after much scrolling up and down I finally settled on one. So now it’s your turn….ready to choose (poll on bottom)?

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Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Click here if you missed the promo, a few things are left. Until next time…..