The “best yet” steals and deals!

Hello there! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, mine was good but boy, it got coooold around here. My heat is officially on for the season.

Before I begin, you have to stop over at Jeanne from I Dream Of  to see the beautiful pictures she took of my home while she was here……if she lived nearby I would hire her in a second as a talented photographer  and let’s not even begin to discuss her talents as an artist……insanely talented! Click here to visit her.

This is one VERY exciting round of steals and deals. I got in a bunch of great goodies the other day that were part of a close out from a manufacturer that was closing it’s doors. My only regret was that I  wish there had been more…some really great things and at amazing prices. ! Not too soon to start thinking about the holidays, decorating your home and checking off that list.

I will probably wrap these up by early November to prepare for the holiday rush and for the arrival of my new tole order which I am incredibly excited about, so many beauties heading this way!

Many closeouts that are a fraction of what they sold for… you will see I am on a major “stag kick”…I can’t get enough.



The first 14 orders over $50.00 will receive this darling porcelain spoon rest/teabag older bunny as a free gift-


Just a few “rules” in case you are new to these-

  • Email me at with your order
  • All sales are final sale!
  • Please indicate item number only do not use item description (item number is at beginning of each picture)
  • If item is available you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice within a few hours
  • I do not hold items and expect immediate payment within 12 hours
  • Shipping is extra
  • I ship internationally and will give you shipping estimate once you submit your order
  • All items subject to availability, limited numbers of each item, things go very fast!

And here we go……



ITEM 1. Fabulous blue and white pitcher, of course I kept one for myself and a few for gifts. Measures about 11.5″ x 8.5″ at it’s widest.. Love this piece…$42.00 (14 available)

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Here is mine filled with pretty fresh hydrangeas from last weeks luncheon (yes my hot water trick  is proving to really work)!


ITEM 2. Stag deer book ends, gorgeous and stylish. Silver stag deer heads mounted on dark wood. Pair is $75.00  (4 available)

unbbnamed unnabb2med


ITEM 3. Assorted stag deer silver candlesticks….love these for any holiday table. Any of the pairs shown $85.00  (6 pair available)






ITEM 4. Fabulous ultra stylish stag coat hooks in various styles…..

4a. Stag deer double coat hook. Back plate measures about 5′ across $15.00 (12 available)


Sm and medun3cxnamed

4b. Stag deer single coat hook. I adore these, the plaque it is mounted on is about 4″ across. $10.00  (14 available)



Small profile


4c. Assorted deer head coat hooks. Middle hook $20.00  and first and second hook $25.00 (about 12″ tall)



ITEM 5 . A few more silver plateaus, these retailed for $200 for the small and up to $295.00 for the larger ones, these are steals! The rounds originally had mirrored glass in them, you can easily have mirror or glass made  to order quite inexpensively or use without the glass which is what I have done, I have used these for serving and they are so elegant on a table. If you missed out on these last time here is your chance….


5A. Small, measures 12:” round $50.00 (2 available)


5B. Three large 15″ round $75.00 (3 available)

a32unnamed a3ccunnamed un4vcnamed


5c. One 14″ square, beautiful beaded detailing, there is a small dent which is very subtle in lower left corner. This beauty is $48.00 below my cost!

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ITEM 6. Stag bowl, found 2 more! Perfect for nuts or candies $38.00



ITEM 7. Got in more beautiful hurricanes! Very elegant and about half of what they retailed for.  (5-6 of each style shown)


7A. $80.00 (12.5″ tall)

unnamBBCVXed XXX



7B. $75.00 (13″ tall)un1named




7D. Larger pair like above $90.00 (these are about 3″ taller than above, and are 15.5′”)

unnamlged unnamfdfed



ITEM 8. Gorgeous antique dough bowls. Just got in small /medium sized dough bowls and these are just  gorgeous, beautiful rich dark brown colors, all in excellent condition, they are perfect to have for the holidays……$125.00 (range in size from 18″-22″)

unnamddded undssnamed


ITEM 9. Wine holder, elegant and classic piece for any table. $28.00

u43nnamed un3RCnamed


ITEM 10. Found 2 sets of these gorgeous pheasant salad/appetizer plates 4 for $75.00




ITEM 11. Stag silver salt and pepper $38.00 (4 sets left)

unnSSPPamed unnamSSed


ITEM 12. LOVE these stag deer jars, perfect for cookies, coffee or anything else you can think of to store!  About 11.5″ tall. $82.00 (5 available)

unnfar2amed unfarnamed


ITEM 13. By popular demand, some brass pieces! These are solid brass and such pretty elegant candlesticks. Any pair $55.00, amazing for solid brass







13B. unnaa3cmed



13C. unnvc2amed


13D. unnacv33med

ITEM 14. Gorgeous solid brass hurricane, I have 5 pair of these. One pair will come with this beautiful brass bowl. (they measure about 12.5″ tall)

Pair of hurricanes $85.00

Pair of hurricanes w/bowl $105.00(only $25.00 for  a bowl that retailed for $85.00)

unnam432ced unnam23waed 11 unna55med 3cunnamed

 ITEM 15. Gorgeous tall brass candlesticks. These are so pretty! Very tall and dramatic I could so see these on a beautiful holiday table or buffet….a wedding, any event!  These were a closeout due to the fact that tops had a slight gap between the top and base. Because of that I got these at an exceptionally low price.  They retailed for $260.00 and today the PAIR is $65.00!!!! Measures 23″ tall  (20 pair)


unnamccced unnamecc11d uncc44named unnamcc64ed



ITEM 16. Darling pheasant salt and peppers. About 4.5′ long $14.00 for the pair (3 available)

unnamvc3ed unnaasdmed

ITEM 17.. This is a really interesting item. These gorgeous large collectible limited edition bunnies were made exclusively for The Winterthur Museum. The “top” of the bunny comes off so this is a great item to use as a very elegant cookie jar or for anything else for that matter. There was the tiniest bit of space between the top and the base so these were rejected and a new batch was commissioned.

So these I got at an amazing closeout. Great gift idea, a perfect item to bring out for spring and Easter or for anyone who appreciates collectibles like this of just loves bunnies:) This is a beauty! Measures approx. 16″ long. These sold through Winterthur Museum for $250.00… these are $40.00!  (14 available)

unna323med unnafd3med

ITEM 18. Bought another 14 sets of these very popular blue and white Vanderbilt replica dinner plates. These are even prettier in person and at $30.00 for 4, you cannot beat the price! Sold in sets of 4 (each of the four has a different flower center).

anbysanechex DSC_0176


ITEM 19. Bought the last of these jars, last 14 pieces and then that is it.  Great chance to buy this elegant jar at half of what it sold for.  Measures 12.5″ by 9″, elegant scene on all size sides. $75.00 (14 available)

5323 unname33adsd asssd aaunnfaamed

ITEM 20. Have a few left of each of these frames, though I was sold out but found a small box with more frames:) $30.00 either frame.


20a. Heavy silver frame, beautiful old world detailing, looks like a treasure relic of the past.



20b. Such a pretty frame with room for three pictures, elegant swag and garland detailing…..



ITEM 21. Last item and a very special buying opportunity for brand new authentic majolica from Portugal. These pieces are so exquisite!  If you know prices on Majolica you will recognize the tremendous value here and as pretty as they are in the pictures, in person they are just incredible!



Dinner plates



Bunny dessert plate on dinner plate


Quail dessert plate on green leaf dinner plate


Close up of quail


Green leaf sugar and creamer


Green leaf large platters


Green leaf large serving bowl


Breakdown is-

6  green leaf dinner plates, 11″ $115.00 for 6

7 green  leaf dessert plates 8.5″ $95.00 for 7

10 large green leaf chargers, 13″ $ 190.00 for 10

4 17″ green leaf  platters $65.00 each

Green leaf sugar and creamer (2 sets available) $55.00

Green quail plates (coordinates with solid green leaf plates) 13 plates, 8.5″ $145.00 for 13

Green bunny plates (coordinates with solid green leaf plates) 12 plates, 8.5″ $135.00 for 12

If I didn’t have so many plates I would keep these for myself, I was very tempted but literally am running out of room.







So many great goodies today….. best part is everything shown is in stock and ready to go.  So again just email me with your order, at

You will hear back if the item(s) are available and if so an invoice will be sent. Thank you for stopping in…wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week!