Happy Labor Day weekend…..


Hello everyone……just a very short note to say hello and wish everyone a wonderful, relaxing and safe holiday weekend. I have had a super busy, somewhat stressful, fun, exciting, exhausting week. Between my son leaving for college, a lot of work, some serious technical blog hiccups, still working on the online shop, gearing up for the first big furniture delivery for the NYC apt job I am working on and a few other things… I am exhausted and needing  a little break from, well…….everything:)

Plus I am somewhat reeling after seeing Halloween candy shelves being  stocked, and it’s not even Labor Day while being reminded  that if I am going to throw a Christmas party I better “pencil in a date”…Calgon please take me away!

The important thing is recognizing when you need a little break and knowing when to step away and totally decompress for a short period…..which is exactly what I am doing. So no online shop launch this weekend, it will wait until early next week when I am back and totally refreshed as will a bunch of other super exciting things coming this way!

Just in case you missed a few recent posts,  here are a few of my own personal recent favorites…….

Playing dressup with plates and tole

Where have the years gone

Wallpapers,  Tole, Brushstroke and Farm stands…

Let’s go to Italy, shall we?

Setting a blue and white chinoiserie  table al fresco

Until  next week…..enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Hope the sun is shining where you are, here the weather has been pretty spectacular.

Teddy will be doing a lot of this……absolutely nothing:)