Decking my halls….enchanted style!

Hi dear friends… I am  in the thick of the holiday hustle and bustle, much like you I am sure. I am totally wiped out, with not a single second to spare. Between decorating, working on design projects, planning a holiday party, gift buying, and sending out many holidays orders, this little elf is ready for a vacation!


This post will be it until Sunday as I am knee deep in finishing up shopping and getting ready for our family Christmas party.  I am relieved that I did my holiday decorating nice and early…because there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  No rest for the weary..that is my personal tagline for this holiday season.


I have put the finishing touches (or so I say at least for now, as I am an unstoppable tweaker) on the house and the holiday decor. Yes, I tend to go big and really get into  it…but why not, its a beautiful holiday and a chance to take down my boxes and boxes of holiday decorations and put them to good use!


It was a bit of a mixed bag, as I still have some of my red themed items,   I am not one to waste so I put them to good use though my colors have changed over time and I now prefer a more muted, woodsier look, think pinecones, lots of greenery and more subtle colors. Some of these pictures you might have seen, but most are newly taken.


So here is a wrap up of my holiday decor this year, while it was fun and uplifting to put together…it was also A LOT of work! Hope your own planning has gone well, I know all of us “little elves” work hard to make it the best holiday our families can hope for, and despite the work it is truly such a magical season. Give me a great holiday song and all my stresses melt away:)

You will see that there is no rhyme or reason to the sequence of these pictures (didn’t have extra time to work on that) so it’s a bit random…….

All pictures taken with my iPad as my camera is acting up…maybe Santa will decide I have been a good girl and give me one for Christmas:)




In my family room…I jazzed up this console with this pretty rustic vignette accented with blue and white, love the effect!

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Filled this very large dough bowl with about 18 paperwhites and filled it in with fresh evergreen, it’s just about to bloom! Makes a great centerpiece


The mantle has a little Christmas cheer going on in the family room too:)


Hallways are decked…..unnaadsfmed

unnsdfasamedAdd these evergreen swags to the sconces the entire length of the hallway for a little festive touch


unbvcxznamedAren’t these tall nutcrackers pretty? I love that they are blue, wish I had bought another pair!

In my dining room……unname332dThe magnolia leaves have remained in the dining room, I love the colors




 Come on in…..



unnaasdfa2medFront hall center table


unnamteeetedA pretty floral arrangement as you walk in



The tree in the distance….


 My tree is all done!


In my living room……

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And down the hallway off the dining room is this pretty vignette, one of my personal faves, loving the blue and white for Christmas….

unnamadsfsaedLove the way this vignette came out, it’s very full and proof that blue and white works beautifully for Christmas! unnafasdmed un55namedPeeking in the living room

Front door…..

unn866amedMy front door wreath to match the planters which were all greens and magnolia leaves with sugar cones uadsfaaaannamedMy finished planters

unmyy3named unnammyyed unmunamed

My dining room mantle….


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A few details……

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A close up of some of my decorations, I go for angels, birds, bells and instruments, golds and soft tones, thankfully my taste has not wavered!! I have most of these for many many years!unnamedvcvc unnaxcvxmed unnamvcccced

7744 unnamvved unnabc33med unnbc2amed

Adore these labels I had custom made from LB Originals…..they look great on any gift I put them on!

unnamADSAed unnadsfa22amed





So there you go. Believe it or not I still have a few wreaths that are not yet hung and need to “Christmasize” my powder rooms for my holiday party this Sat. I just wish I could think of a way to add more hours to my day. Hopefully tomorrow I will wrap things up and get this done… is exhausting but so much fun to make magic happen and I love seeing my home all decked out for the holidays.

I am at capacity for my HOLIDAY LOVE photo contest, thanks to all who sent in their pictures. Don’t forget to enter your name into the drawing for the $100 Homegoods giftcard. Click here for all the details. The winner will be announced on Sunday.

Hope your holiday decorating is going well, thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous evening. Until the weekend…….